Advances in Health Care Management (AHCM) is an annual research publication. Contributions are double-blind peer reviewed and are indexed by MEDLINE and Scopus. 

AHCM began as a research annual, first publishing in 2000. As conceived by the founding editors – John D. Blair, Myron D. Fottler, and Grant T. Savage – the series provides a forum for leading research on healthcare management. For each annual edition, the editors and the board seek to identify current and pressing issues in the field. The 2019 issue will focus on Structural Approaches to Address Issues in Patient Safety. Submissions are currently being accepted for that issue. The topic for the 2020 issue is under consideration; potential topics include incorporating the patient voice into healthcare management, considerations of healthcare management within learning healthcare systems, or a review of what we have learned in the field of healthcare management in the last 20 years.

AHCM publishes research on all types of healthcare services and healthcare-related organizations, so long as it focuses on questions of interest to the broad discipline of management. We invite interested scholars to contact the editor to propose themed volumes and to serve as volume editors. 

The deadline for précis submissions has been extended to October 1, 2018. Please email your one page précis to

Call for papers

Funding agencies have sought to grow available research in the domain of patient safety. Donabedian’s model of Structure-Process-Outcome, as an initial lens through which safety issues have been explored, noted that Structure drives process; however, much of health management empirical research has focused on the Process and Outcomes and then attempted to reverse engineer the Structure that may reasonably explain that. Other models, such as the System Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety model (SEIPS), sought to offer a framework for understanding the structures, processes and outcomes in health care and their relationships. Advances in Healthcare Management seeks scholarship that will help to clarify the theoretic mechanisms of action that elucidate Structure’s role in creating Process, including literature surveys, case explorations and discussions of interventions to improve patient safety. Examples include:

  • the physical environment and its effect on patient safety outcomes
  • the role of healthcare worker performance and resilience in patient safety
  • research on burnout from other sectors of the economy and the potential they offer for reframing our understanding of how we might intervene
  • the role of culture in the Structure-Process-Outcome healthcare framework
  • cases that explore root causes that can offer insight into a broader component of health care
  • qualitative studies that explore the tension in clinicians as managers (i.e. hybrid leaders) and their implication for patient safety
  • differential outcomes experienced by organizations that have a chief patient safety officer in comparison with those that do not

The précis is simply a proposal outlining the topic to allow the editors to make a judgement call as to whether a particular paper would fit the call.

Key dates

  • October 1, 2018: 1-page précis (e.g., outline or summary) due
  • December 14, 2018: Manuscripts due
  • January 30, 2019: Reviews returned to authors
  • March 15, 2019: Revised final manuscripts due
  • April 15, 2019: Final decisions; AHCM volume 18 delivered to publisher

Principal contact

Timothy R. Huerta, PhD, MS